Black Tree Monitor Lizard

Black Tree Monitor Lizard

Humid forests and mangrove swamps in the Aru Islands, off the coast of New Guinea.

Wild Diet

Mainly insects, although larger monitors have been known to eat birds and even other lizards. Like other monitors they have long, sharp claws and strong jaws which allow them to hold on to their prey.


These lizards have a prehensile tail, which acts as a fifth limb allowing them to hang on to branches in the rainforest canopy.


Black tree monitors are born in various shades of green, but turn completely black as they reach adulthood.


Black tree monitors are at risk due to habitat destruction and the illegal trade in reptiles as pets.


Black tree monitors are classed as vulnerable due to the destruction of their habitat. They are also at risk from the illegal trade.

Black Tree Monitor Lizard


  • Latin Name: Varanus beccarii
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Varanidae
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable
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