Why should we clean up our beaches? It’s an impossible task – isn’t it? They just get covered in rubbish again. Well, just think of the turtles. There are hundreds and thousands of pieces of waste plastic in the ocean. These are often mistaken for food by marine creatures like turtles.

Which means that horrible plastic is ending up in the stomachs of incredible animals – and it’s doing them a lot of harm.

Here at Newquay Zoo, we want to do our bit to help. This year we are running two beach cleans; the first one took place on Porth Beach in Newquay. The second is on 1st September on Towan Beach in Newquay. If you want to join us, just register for free here to let us know you’re coming. You’ll be very welcome!

Newquay’s famous beaches are popular with holidaymakers. Sadly, this means that a lot of litter gets left behind. The statistics show that, on average, over 150 plastic bottles litter each mile of UK beach – how shocking is that? And that’s just the plastic bottles.

We don’t just want to help by picking up the litter that gets left on the beach though. We need to start from the beginning and try to reduce the use of plastics in the first place.

We’re giving that a shot – we’ve already stopped selling single use plastic bottles at all of our zoos - Newquay Zoo, Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts - and we’re going to continue to do what we can to remove plastics from all our departments.

Around the world, roughly 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of it is disposable. You can join us and help by looking at what you buy in the supermarkets and making some changes. Can you take your own re-usable bags to pack your shopping? Can you purchase loose fruit and veg instead of pre-packaged items? There are lots of little changes we can make in our lives to reduce the use of single use plastics. It’s a tiny step when one person does it – but think how good it would be if everyone did it...

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