Top ten things to see and do at Newquay Zoo this summer

We all want a summer full of fun and excitement, don’t we?! Well, here are our top ten suggestions for things YOU can get up to at Newquay Zoo this summer...

10 Track down our cute animal babies

There must be something in the air this year at Newquay Zoo, because there’s been a bit of a baby boom. Look out for Sunshine the six banded armadillo, Matilda the Brazilian tapir and our twin Carpathian lynx cubs.

9 Get up close and personal with an animal experience

Our range of animal experiences allows you to go behind the scenes with the keeping team and get even closer to the animals. Watch our group of ring tailed lemurs jump from tree to tree, hand feed our cheeky troop of Critically Endangered Sulawesi crested black macaques and waddle your way through the penguin enclosure to help the keeping team feed them their favourite fish.

8 Become a zoo keeper

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a zoo keeper? Now you can with our keeper experience and junior keeper experience! Meet our keepers, meet and feed some of our animals and learn about how we care for them. A real insight into what a day in the life of a keeper is like. A great gift for anyone this summer.

7 Look out for animal enrichment

See if you can spot our animals going wild for their daily enrichment. Enrichment is the science of toys and play in zoos, aiming to stimulate natural behaviours and provide mental and physical exercise. That’s why you might see an old cardboard box in a paddock.

6 Listen to our scheduled talks

Keep an ear out for our fascinating daily talks. We cover everything from Sulawesi crested black macaques and meerkats to Humboldt penguins and African lions.

5 Indulge yourself at Café Lemur, Meerkat Munchies or the Lazy Lion grill

Tuck in to a delicious meal at Café Lemur, or treat yourself to tea and cake. Grab a tasty burger from our Lazy Lion grill or cool yourself down with a yummy ice cream from Meerkat Munchies. There’s something for everyone!

4 Monkey around on the Tarzan Trail

Can you complete our new obstacle course? From monkey bars to wooden bridges and tightropes, it’s guaranteed to create competition between families!

3 Add some extra sparkle – get your face painted

What’s your favourite animal? With a selection of designs, there’s one for each of you. And if you really don’t want your face painted, the gift shop will definitely have something to take your fancy.

2 Come to our Big Cats and Cupcakes event

Our exclusive out-of-hours event Big Cats and Cupcakes is on Friday 10th August. We’ll be opening the doors to the zoo between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:30pm for a totally ROARsome guided tour evening to see our feline friends.
Tickets include:
  • - A meet with our African lions, lynx and fishing cats!
  • - A presentation from our keepers and education team
  • - Yummy cupcakes
  • - A hot drink of your choice
Find out more and book tickets to this unique event from the Newquay Zoo website.

1 The animals

It goes without saying that the main reason to visit Newquay Zoo this summer is to see some spectacular, surprising, amazing, endearing animals. From fearsome carnivores to creepy crawlies and extraordinary reptiles, with over 130 species, there are plenty of animals to look for.
And that’s that! All of the marvellous and wonderful things that you can see or do this summer here at Newquay Zoo. Help to support the vital conservation work we do here at the zoo by giving us a visit.
Quotes Throughly enjoyed our visit to Newquay zoo, there was plenty to see! Quotes