As the spotlight shines on our primate department this month, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce two new animals to Newquay.

Meet Monroe

Monroe is a pied tamarin – a very distinctive species with a white chest and back, brown hind legs and a black hairless face. These little guys are classed as Endangered (by the IUCN Red List) and are only found in a particular area of Brazil. There are national parks and reserves which help keep them protected from being hunted and poached and from habitat loss as conservationists work to prevent the further decline of this species.

Monroe has travelled down from Colchester Zoo to join our breeding programme and hopefully (fingers crossed) partner with Tami our female pied tamarin. Monroe arrived on the 7th August and was on show to the public once he had settled with his new companion. You can spot Monroe and Tami at Newquay Zoo, on the islands near to the Savannah.

Coming soon

Keep your eyes peeled for our imminent new arrival, a male Goeldi monkey. This is a small, fast and vocal species which Newquay Zoo first introduced last year. They were brought to Newquay Zoo to create a wider awareness of threatened primates. Goeldi monkeys and tamarins are part of the same family (Callitrichidae), so there are similarities and differences. Goeldi monkeys tend to give birth to singletons rather than twins; and males take more of a back seat when it comes to rearing newborns, but take more responsibility later.

Our new and as yet unnamed male has travelled from Tayto Park in Ireland. It’s hoped he’ll pair up with Japura, our female Goeldi monkey. On arrival he will be named and introduced to his partner, so keep your eyes peeled for a budding romance.

That’s some exciting news for the Newquay Zoo primate department and for all you primate lovers! It’s a great way to end our month of all things primate.

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