What’s the difference between a common toad and a common frog, you ask? It’s a good question, because they are both amphibians (meaning they can live on both land and in water) and they have a similar physical appearance; big eyes, wide heads and large hind legs to help them hop around. But there are things which will help you tell them apart. So here goes:



  • Their skin is smooth and moist - it tends to lose moisture easily, so they need to stay in damp places
  • Their hind legs are longer than their head and body, they predominantly jump to move around - their leap can be longer than their body length
  • They have teeth in their upper jaw to feast on creepy crawlies


  • Their skin is usually quite dry and rough, with warts.
  • Their skin tends to be a bit more waterproof than frogs so they can survive in drier places
  • Their hind legs are generally shorter than their head and body, giving them a rather dumpy appearance.
  • They usually crawl to move around, with the occasional hop
  • They don’t have any teeth!
  • They have raised glands on their shoulders and neck which hold a mild poison to deter predators


Both are classed as amphibians, but they prefer different habitats because of their different skin.

Frogs: live in water, mainly streams and ponds as they need to keep their skin wet, because they breath mainly through their skin

Toads: have waterproof skin, so tend to inhabit fields, woods and gardens. They can be found up to 2km away from a water source.


Frogs: are active during the day and at night. They are a solitary species.

Toads: are nocturnal, meaning they sleep through the day. They are also solitary, except during the breeding and hibernation season, where they will live in groups


Frogs: their spawn looks like a cluster of jelly blobs, usually in your garden pond.

Toads: their spawn forms a long string, and is found in lakes.

So hopefully these tips will help you when you next spot something in your garden. Is it a toad or a frog?

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