It’s World Tapir Day! And of course we have to celebrate this magnificent animal, so here’s just a handful of fun facts which you might just find utterly amazing…

10. Tapirs can weigh up to a hefty 315kg – that’s almost half a tonne!

9. Despite what you might think, looking at that nose, tapirs aren’t related to anteaters – they’re actually closely related to rhinos and horses.

8. Tapirs can spend several minutes under water by using their snouts as snorkels.

7. Tapirs are born with markings made up of white or yellow stripes and spots. These help camouflage the youngster in the wild – and also make them look adorable (and like a humbug).

6. They do however lose these spots and stripes once they reach around six months old.

5. A group of tapirs is called a ‘candle’.

4. A tapir’s nose and upper lip combine into a flexible snout. This is used to pick up their food – similar to an elephant’s trunk!

3. Tapirs are known to eat up to 75 pounds of food per day – that’s the same weight as a healthy 10-year-old child!

2. A tapir’s gestation period is over a year – and they will only give birth to one calf.

1. A not-so-nice fact is that the population of tapirs is decreasing, Brazilian tapirs are currently classified as Vulnerable, this is down to habitat destruction and being hunted for their meat.

So, make sure that you spread the word about how terrific tapirs are!

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