Visitors at Newquay Zoo have been meeting its newest resident – a cute, fluffy Carpathian lynx kitten.

Born on 5th July, the unsexed kitten has been out of public view and keeping very close to mum Kicsi.

Known to be secretive animals, in the wild Carpathian lynx tend to hide in dense shrubs and bushes, often only appearing at dusk and dawn. This behaviour can make them hard to spot.

The Cornish charity zoo is part of a European breeding programme for Carpathian lynx, with many breeding successes in the past few years, including last year’s set of twins, Toma and Codrin, who recently moved to Green Dragon Eco Farm in Buckinghamshire.

Staff at Newquay Zoo are over the moon with the birth of this cute ball of fluff. Senior Carnivore Keeper Mike Downman said: ‘Another amazing breeding success for our lynx! The kitten is looking strong, healthy and is extremely playful. We’re very excited to see what the future holds for this little one.’

Carpathian lynx have very distinctive features with black tufts on their ears, a patterned coat with dark spots and a long white facial ruff. Part of the Eurasian lynx family, they are the largest of all lynx species and the third largest predator in Europe.

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