Staff at Newquay Zoo are excited to announce the arrival of twelve new squirrel monkeys, who it is hoped will form part of the Zoo’s successful breeding programme.

Eight female and four male monkeys arrived at Newquay Zoo on Friday 10th February from Apenhaul Zoo in Holland. Due to quarantine regulations, the primates will remain off display for a few months whilst they settle in, before they are moved to the poplular ‘Monkey Walk’ exhibit.

Animal Collection Manager John Meek said; ‘‘We have held a bachelor group of squirrel monkeys as part of our primate collection for last few years, but this new group, including females, will allow us to concentrate on breeding these monkeys, helping towards the zoo’s education programme which raises awareness of the global crisis affecting their rainforest home.

‘‘We will be keeping everyone updated on the monkeys’ progress, and we are sure that all of our visitors will be thrilled to see them when they join the exhibit in the spring.’’

Visitors to the Zoo can continue to see the bachelor group of squirrel monkeys in their large enclosure on the Monkey Walk.

Squirrel monkeys are native to tropical forests in South America and are still relatively common in the wild. However this does not mean that they are not threatened at all. These squirrel monkeys’ native habitat is under threat, and like many animals whose homes are in forests, they are disappearing alongside the trees they live in.

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